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This unique art case piano is ready for your museum collection, distinctive home, stage show, movie set, or dinner theater.

The cabinet was sculpted by George Denninger from huge slabs of Brazilian Mahogany. It took 1200 hours to complete. Joseph Cachiero, Claudio Arrau's personal tuner, described this Mason & Hamlin piano as the best sounding upright he had ever heard. (The openings in the front project sound beautifully.) The hammers and action were completely rebuilt in 2006. It is performance ready and has impressed concert musicians and received favorable reviews in many publications.

Exhibited at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C. and numerous other galleries across the USA.

Available for viewing in the artist's gallery. Offered at $50,000.

Upright Art Case Piano
Carved Front some close-up photos Keyboard Rt Side  
back Left Keyboard Bench

About the Artist

George Denninger is an active designer, sculptor and artist living in St. Charles, MO across the Missouri River from St. Louis. In the 1970s he was commissioned to make his first art case piano and fell in love with the idea of intigrating music and art into sculptural forms while paying close attention to acoustic projection. Since that time he has made two additional piano cabinets and several scale model design concepts.


Construction nearing completion in the studio - 1977


At the first exhibit with the artist - 1977

piano construction

Early Photos
first piano exhibit  
For commission work please contact the artist. (636) 256-6555